My name is Sachin. I picked up my own camera in year 2000 after playing with my father's camera for years. I grew up with this passion. Back then my father even had his small lab at home as  a hobby.  So I can confidently say I was meant to keep a camera as my friend and companion from the time I grew of age to own one !

I love to capture the uniqueness of human expressions and the beauty in the colors of life around us. There is never a monotonous moment and I am always looking forward to the opportunities to lock time. I think I have the innate skill to get my subjects at ease - 'cause thats what, I believe, brings forth the best expressions. Many friends and family members have supported my experiments and I am growing up with it.

My aim is always to capture pictures which stays fresh in our mind for years to come. If each picture I take brings back the beautiful memories from the past & if it gives renewed energy to never stop living life to the fullest -- that's my passion well served !